Nunavik: “The Place to Live”

Nunavik is located north of the 55th parallel in the Arctic area of Quebec, on a large and barely inhabited virgin territory. Some 11,000 Inuit, Cree, Naskapis and Quebeckers share a 507,000-km2 territory in 13 Nordic villages and 1 Cree village. Nunavik is bordered by water and by natural frontiers: the Hudson Bay to the west, the Hudson Strait to the north and the Ungava Bay to the east. As for its terrestrial borders, Quebec is to the south (with the James Bay and Duplessis regions) and Newfoundland and Labrador is to the east.

This region is known for its beautiful landscapes, even though broad-leaved trees are rare. Here, wild tundra or taiga and boreal forests are mainly populated with pine trees, spruce, aspen trees, poplar trees and larch. The territory enjoys many rivers and lakes, providing fishers with diversified species in abundance. The mountains are spectacular, especially the Torngat Mountains.

Explorers, as well as hunters and fishers, will have a large choice of activities with which they can fill their days. Everyone can, of course, observe the hundred thousands of caribous, bears and wolves that go about almost everywhere on the territory, and fishers will have the chance to pride themselves on catching the best Arctic charr and brook trout of the region. Atlantic salmon is also in abundance and these renewable resources seem to always be available.

The different seasons, but especially summer and winter, present two totally different environments. In summer, the temperatures vary between 9 and 11 oC, and the sun almost never goes down. It only brushes on the horizon. The Inuit take advantage of this summer season to stock up on food, to fish, hunt and pick berries. Of course, winter brings its share of cold weather and darkness, and everyone tries to get their few hours of sun everyday. At night, the clear dark sky displays hundreds of thousands of stars. When the green, pink, white and violet colours from the northern lights dance into the sky, it sure enlightens the night.

This territory is also a great place to do all kinds of sports and activities. Dog sledding allows people to go from one place to the other. Snowmobiling, canoeing and sea kayaking, which are great ways to go see icebergs and fjords from up close, are only a few activities you can do during your visit in Nunavik.



The Nunavik region

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